Home Care Instructions

Dentist in Los Angeles

After an endodontic procedure is complete be careful not to bite your cheek and tongue as the numbness may linger for a couple of hours. Once the anesthesia wears off, your tooth and surrounding gum tissue may be tender for a few days. This is mostly normal as it is the result of instrumentation and the usual mechanical trauma that occurred during the procedure. Be careful chewing on the affected side to reduce further trauma. If the tooth feels high to bite, you need to call and return to the office so the bite is adjusted. Normally within 4-7 days the inflammation regresses and the tooth will feel pretty good. It is imperative for you to see your restorative dentist to place a crown or final restoration in a timely manner.

If a surgical treatment was done, your endodontist will give you specific post-operative instructions, but It is generally safe to continue with your normal oral hygiene care after the treatment. If food sticks between your teeth, gently floss or rinse to remove plaque and bacteria. Your endodontist may also prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds to help alleviate your symptoms.

Avoid alcoholic drinks while taking prescribed medication. Alcohol can make the medicine lose effect, become toxic or worsen the side effects.

In case the pain does not subside or swelling occurs, reach out to us immediately for evaluation.